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At World Montessori Academy, we strive to ensure that each and every one of our students receives a quality virtual Montessori education from any location around the world.

Home School

What Classes Do We Offer?

At World Montessori Academy, we offer a wide array of Montessori classes that will fit every learner's needs. We offer live classes in Math, Language, and Culture. A very exceptional thing that sets World Montessori Academy apart from other online education programs is that we offer something called FLEX classes. FLEX classes are pre-recorded classes that anyone around the world can do, in whatever timezone they're in. They are very interactive between peers and the teacher. 

Find out what our Educators offer to fit your needs below.


We offer Montessori Language classes for many levels. From learning phonetic letter sounds to reading words with phonograms. For the older students, we also have book clubs and classes that teach about grammar.

Baking & Cooking


Exposing your child to being in the kitchen at a young age could help instil a love of cooking and baking, as well as build their confidence and creativity. World Montessori Academy offers baking and cooking classes for beginners, all the way up to French baking! We also offer a variety of gluten and dairy-free classes, along with some vegan classes as well. 



The Culture area of the classroom is a favorite of many! Culture covers topics in science, geography, history, zoology, and botany. 


Our FLEX classes allow you the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you'd like! FLEX classes do not have any live classes, but rather recorded classes, learner-to-learner, and learner-to-teacher interactions through assignments, discussion topics, quizzes, and games. 


Our Montessori Math classes range from learning numbers 1-10, all the way up to doing multiplication and division with numbers to 9999.



Montessori Parent Academy is your own special school, just for parents! In this 4 week course, we will discuss the Montessori philosophy and curriculum, along with various techniques and tools for you to be able to successfully implement Montessori in your home. 

Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials 

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