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Art Classes

You Draw What You Eat.png

You Draw What You Eat: Guided Cartoon Drawing 

$12 for 1 class a week

In this class, we don't go by the saying, "you are what you eat!" Instead, we go by, "you draw what you eat!" Students will go through each weekly drawing step by step to create fun food characters! Meet a singing hot pepper, or maybe some swimming pickles! The creativity is out of this world and your learners will be able to experience drawing in a fun relaxed setting. The teacher for this class is Karen. She is a professional cartoonist and illustrator... that's right her job is to draw! How cool is that! Your mini artist will not only have fun, but also learn to draw cartoons.

Alphabet Drawing.png

Turn the Alphabet Into Cartoon Characters: Guided Cartoon Drawing

$12 for 1 class a week

Letters, letters, letters, we see them every day! In fact, you're reading them right now! But, what if letters could be used for more than just reading and writing? Let's think outside the box... or off the page... and create something new and fun with the boring old letters!

In this class, learners will be encouraged to unleash their creativity and create a cartoon character, all from using a letter as the base. They will be blown away with what they create and you'll be shocked when you see it!

Directed Drawing.png

Kindergarten & Early Elementary Cartoon Directed Drawing

$8 for 1 class a week

Each week, your child will create a new directed drawing. Directed drawing is amazing for child development because it helps build the following skills: creativity, self-confidence, following direction, attention to detail, fine motor, and many more! The teacher will guide children step by step through how to draw various cartoon animals, food, and other objects. If time allows for it, children are encouraged to share their pictures with the other learners. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 2.32.04 AM.png

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Craft!

$10 for 1 class a week

Come along as we go on a reusable journey this summer! Each week children will be making a craft using recycled materials from around their house. Children will also learn about sustainability and recycling as they find things in their home to repurpose into a variety of fun crafts!

While creating, children will also be connecting with others as they share and discuss ideas on the creative process, work through problems together and share their final projects with each other.

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