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All of our educators at World Montessori Academy have a strong passion for what they teach. Our Montessori classes are always lead by certified and trained Montessori teachers. Our non-Montessori classes are taught by industry-leading professionals who love what they do!

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Founder, MACTE, RECE

Meghan has been working in Montessori classrooms for over 5 years. Meghan went to Montessori from when she was 3 to 9 years old. She had such a positive experience, which has lead her to want to give the opportunity to other children. So she pursued her passion for Montessori education and founded World Montessori Academy.



Elementary MACTE, B. Ed.

Chantell has been an Elementary Montessori for over 5 years and is a mother to two young boys. She loves to be outside in the warm weather and enjoys spending time with her little ones. In the classroom, Chantell encourages independence, and guidance when needed. She is so excited to teach your children!

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Engineering Management

Cam is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship

Program. He loves to share his passion for math and science with young students ensuring they are both fun and educational.

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Sierra has been teaching for 8 years. She is a Montessori Master Teacher, certified and trained through the American Montessori Society (AMS) and MACTE. Teaching is her true passion. Guiding children through academics while creating a curious environment and fostering a true love for learning is what fulfills her. Sierra is so excited to be able to share her love of Montessori online with students around the world.



Human Kinetics Student

Sarah is a finishing up her Bachelor of Human Kinetics from one of the top universities in Canada. She has a strong passion for anatomy, but loves math and science as a whole. Sarah enjoys sharing her passion of STEM with her students in fun, interactive, age appropriate lessons. 



B.Sc. Psychology 

Anthony has a strong passion for psychology as well as showing the next generation how much fun science really is! He enjoys doing hands-on experiments and sharing his love of science with his students. When Anthony was younger, he enjoyed experimenting and doing STEAM projects with his three siblings.

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